Architectural Cultures of the Recent Past

Research group at the KU Leuven research Department of Architecture

Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge (1880-1980)

‘Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge (1880-1980)’ is a Scientific Research Network (SRN), launched in 2017 and hosted by the research groups Architectural Cultures of the Recent Past (ARP) and Architecture, Interiority, Inhabitation (A2I) of the Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, acting together as core research unit under the coordination of Rajesh Heynickx (Head), Fredie Floré and Ricardo Agarez.

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29th Joint Doctoral Seminar in History and Theory of Architecture

EVENT FOR PHD STUDENTS – 8 FEBRUARY 2017 For the 29th time, the architecture faculties and departments of Gent University, KU Leuven, the University of Antwerp, the University of Hasselt, the Free University Brussels (VUB), the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), the University of Liège and the University of Louvain are organizing a Joint Doctoral Seminar in the

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Theory’s History – Registration is now open

    Theory’s History, a conference to be hosted at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts in Brussels from 8 till 10 February 2017 is fast approaching. This two-day conference brings together 76 young and established scholars who engage in a discussion on the challenges of the historiography of architectural

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Territories of Faith. Religion, Urban Planning and Demographic Change in Post-War Europe, 1945 – 1975.

CALL FOR PAPERS – INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP The research group Architectural Cultures of the Recent Past (ARP) of KU Leuven and KADOC, the Documentation and Research Centre on Religion, Culture and Society of KU Leuven, are organizing an international workshop on 3 – 4 July 2017 in Leuven on religion, urban planning and demographic change in post-war Europe as a prelude to

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Theory’s history, 196X – 199X. Challenges in the historiography of architectural knowledge

Several of ARP’s members are organising the following conference: CALL FOR PAPERS – INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN BRUSSELS 9th-10th of February, 2017. Submission deadline: 15th of June, 2016   In recent international literature addressing the history of 20th century architectural theory, the year 1968 is indicated as a decisive moment, giving rise to a ‘new’ architectural

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